Drawing landscape design plans is not something only a professional can do. You are very capable of drawing up your landscaping plans even if you are not particularly artistically gifted. Creating a plan is all about understanding the dimensions of your garden and just putting ideas on paper. As long as you can understand your plans then you will be fine.

Professional Plans

Of course, drawing up professional landscape design plans is something that requires skill and training, but you do not need perfect plans if you are doing the landscaping yourself. Chances are that your project does not require a detailed, professionally laid out plan. You can probably get by with a simple diagram type plan.

Now, if you are doing a major landscaping project and you will use a professional to do the work then it may be best to leave the planning up to the professionals. However, if you have a smaller project that you will handle on your own then you can get by with some homemade plans. You can also read more by clicking here.


A good plan, of any kind, starts with proper measurements. You need to go and measure the space where you will be putting your garden. Make sure to get all the dimensions. Once you have the measurements you will need to create a scale so you can draw a smaller version of the space on paper. A simple scale would be something like 3 feet equals 1 inch.

Once you have your scale figured out you can draw out the space on your paper. Make sure to use a ruler for accuracy. You will now have the basic outline of the area to be landscaped.

Now you can add in any permanent fixtures that are present in the area. Things like posts, a deck or even trees, need to be marked. This will start to show you a more accurate look at the space.

After you have put in permanent fixtures you can begin to start coming up with your design plan. If you are planting flowers then you can start to put them in and create the garden.

Of course, you may run into things that cause a need for changing the plans. That is fine. If you find out the area floods then you simply find a way around that. Perhaps you will add in a pond or other water feature. Make sure that you plan considers everything, from roadblocks to special needs.

Finished Product

Once you have tinkered around with the landscape design plans you will be ready to start using the plan to actually work on your landscape. How detailed your plan is, is up to you. You can do whatever you want. You may even find that landscape software is helpful if you are doing a larger project.

These guidelines are just for simple landscape projects where exact measurements and very detailed plans are not needed. If you are doing a flower garden or even a vegetable garden then creating landscape design plans this way will likely work for you.

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